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Events for Startup Founders

Seven Keys to Triple Your Startup Payout

Founders work very hard to build their startups. Learn how to maximize the return on your sacrifice and avoid making costly mistakes in this FREE on-demand training.


Upcoming Live Events

Due to COVID-19 all live events will be delivered online. In person events will resume when appropriate.

How to Evaluate Startup Job Offers
11/03/2021 - 9am-10am PT
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Founder's Guide to SAFE Fundraising 
11/16/2021 - 9am-10am PT
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Group Coaching for Startups

Join us for an interactive group mentoring session from seasoned Startup Coach, Sam Wong.
Each session is limited to no more than 4 startups.


These 1-hour sessions are available to the general public for a nominal registration fee of just $25 (+fees). Paid members get a 60% discount.

  • Mon. 9/27/2021, 12pm-1pm PT
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Past Events

Explore previous speaking engagements & training classes.

Build a Solid Startup Foundation

Presented July 12th, 2021 at the West Slope Startup Week

Many founders rush into building a product or telling a story without laying out the right foundation for themselves or their startup. Failing to address critical formation steps, founder equity, and finance/talent/legal operations can result in smaller payouts, loss of control, or painful issues that sidetrack or sink many startups.

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Startup Roadmap & Blueprint - From Idea to Exit

Presented May 20th, 2021 at the Houston Tech Rodeo

Founders need help to build successful startups, but subsist on a random diet of startup soundbites, tips and folklore. Without structure, this noise fails to deliver results -- which is why over 90% of startups fail. Here, we present a methodical roadmap to plan the startup journey, along with proven, actionable blueprints to guide any startup from idea to exit.

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Founder's Guide to SAFE Startup Fundraising

Presented May 4th, 2021 in conjunction with Carta

Most entrepreneurs and many attorneys lack the detailed understanding to make the best decisions when raising startup funds using a SAFE. Many founders gloss over critical SAFE details resulting in unexpectedly high dilution, loss of control, and reduced employee payouts. Here, we cover funding strategy, tradeoffs between pre- & post-money SAFEs, and actionable founder guidance.

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Startup Fundraising with Grants: When, Why and How

Presented April 7th, 2021

Grant sources and vehicles appeal to many entrepreneurs, but pursuing grants comes at a cost, which means they are not for every startup. Learn the grant landscape, how to determine if grants are right for you, and how to build an actionable plan to pursue grants.

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Top 5 Startup Founder Tax Mistakes

Delivered April 20, 2021; presented with Gordon Law Group.

Founders work hard to build successful startups. Sadly, many are surprised when their success leads to exorbitant tax burdens. With proper tax planning, entrepreneurs can minimize tax liabilities and keep more of their hard-earned payout. Fundable Startups and Gordon Law Group present the top 5 tax mistakes founders make, along with actionable strategies to avoid them. Get access inside our Free Members Area.

The Problem That Kills 42% of all Startups

Delivered April 1, 2021; presented with Venture Validator.

Avoid wasting valuable resources building the wrong MVP feature set for the wrong target customer by systematically validating what MVP to build, and which segment to target. Learn how to rate predicted product/market fit on a 1-10 scale, identify target market demographics, discover customer objections, and determine value propositions. Replay available inside our Free Members Area.

How to Build a Startup Funding Strategy

Too many founders rush into fundraising without a clear strategy. Diving right into a pitch deck is alluring and fun, but failing to understand the right funding approach, sources, vehicles and targets leads to higher stress, increased risk, and -- most importantly -- greatly reduced founder payouts. Learn how to maximize valuations, improve fundraising terms, and minimize founder dilution by strategically identifying and leveraging your startup’s inflection points. Watch the training inside our Free Members Area.

How to Sell and Fundraise Effectively

Too many startup founders look for simple hacks and quick tips to drive customer revenue and investor fundraising. Tips to refine your startup pitch or to entice customers and investors to respond can be useful, but they don't replace decades of proven skills, processes and tools to drive sales or funding. Sadly, great salesmanship is rare. But when founders and entrepreneurs learn how to sell, opportunities turn into deals, and deals turn into cold, hard cash.

How to Raise Startup Funds from Founders, Friends & Family

Very early-stage startups face specific challenges with fundraising. Professional investors avoid infant-stage startups, or demand a king’s ransom for their investments. Bootstrapping is best, but founders shouldn’t just write checks without written agreements. Raising money from friends and family is common, but often results in tax problems, rescission risks, and relationship strife. Get access to this training inside our Free Members Area and learn the right way to raise initial funds.

What Makes a Startup Fundable?

Delivered December 29, 2020 in conjunction with Techcode Accelerator

Founders often try to raise funds before they are truly fundable. This wastes time and energy, as funding will be hard to come by. Even if funding is secured, it will be at a lower valuation and comes with investor-friendly terms. Learn the key milestones to reach and risks to mitigate to make your startup attractive to investors.

How to Get to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Delivered December 3, 2020; presented with Newchip Accelerator

Every venture capitalist, board member and startup advisor counsels the entrepreneur to focus on building their minimum viable product (MVP). This guidance correctly tells founders what to do, but lacks details about how to do it. Learn how the right framework guides your product development from idea to working MVP and beyond. Get access inside our Free Members Area.

Silicon Valley Podcast Episode 66: What is a Successful Startup Founder?

Sam was featured on The Silicon Valley Podcast with Shawn Flynn to discuss the things that should matter most for founders to find true success. Learn what worked and what didn't from the successful acquisitions and disappointing failures of five different startups. Build your startup and your personal life on the right foundation to enjoy success in your company, your family, and your quality of life. Listen here.

Sam also spoke in Episode 77: Best of Startup Founders and Episode 79: Life Changing Advice.

Real-World Startup War Stories

Presented November 17, 2020 in conjunction with Lifograph

Startups are rewarding, but they are also very hard. Startups force founders to grow, but they also expose your weaknesses. In this casual "fireside chat", Sam is joined by Dea Wilson, CEO of Lifograph - the wiki of people. They highlight many techniques, best practices and real-world war stories to help you build both your startup and your personal life the right way.

Cracking the Code on Startup Talent

Presented October 24, 2019 at The Lean Startup Conference

Startups thirst for game-changing, talented employees to drive execution, build world-class products, and inspire investor confidence. However, most startups, non-profits, and government organizations fail to invest in their talent infrastructure, leaving talent development to chance ― which is particularly dicey given the exorbitant salaries offered by highly profitable and established tech companies. This hands-on workshop will provides a proven framework for building out your startup’s talent strategy and helpful tools and resources that can be customized to your company’s unique needs.

Idea Testing: Assessing Your Idea's Value in the Market

Presented May 29, 2019 at San Diego Startup Week

The prospect of starting your own business can feel both exhilarating and overwhelming. Before you launch, it's critical that you validate and test your idea to determine if it represents a legitimate market need. This moderated panel offers varying perspectives on trial & error testing from a successful entrepreneur using Amazon, to a serial entrepreneur and author.

Getting to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Presented May 28, 2019 at San Diego Startup Week

Every venture capitalist, board member and startup advisor counsels the entrepreneur to focus on building their minimum viable product (MVP). But how exactly does a company build out its MVP? Learn how the right framework guides your development from MVP to a mature product.

How to Evaluate Startup Job Opportunities

Startups present employees with many fantastic opportunities, but demand a lot of commitment and sacrifice. But what are reasonable expectations of salary and job title? How does startup stock work and what is the value of the startup's stock options? Learn to evaluate a startup job offer and find the right opportunity to grow your startup career.

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