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Smart founders build a bottoms-up funding strategy that levels the playing field against seasoned investors. Learn how a funding strategy reduces uncertainty and risk, accelerates fundraising, and dramatically increases founder payouts by 3x or more.

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Focus on Fundability. 

Increase your valuation.

Deep-dive startup topics

We go deep. Where others provide 20-30 minute trainings, our training runs 1-4 hours per topic. There are many places where founders can learn about startups but Fundable Startups is the one-stop-shop that covers the core topics needed by early-stage founder -- and shows you how to do it!

"Color-by-numbers" tools

How often have you watched a training video, picked up some interesting insights, but changed little to nothing because you didn’t have a tool to help you take action on what you just learned?

We provide downloadable, ready-to-use templates that make it easy to implement the best practices taught.

Visual Learning

Founders struggle to keep up with everything they need to know. Most training classes suffer from text-heavy slides that resemble eye charts.

We create visual training content packed with animated graphics. Our classes resemble a screenplay instead of a dry, boring college lecture. This improves learning and increases retention.

21 Secrets of Successful Startups

If you currently lead, advise, or invest in a startup, 21 Secrets of Successful Startups provides key tools to build the foundation needed to support both your company and your quality of life.


Find the right course for you!

Whether you are an early-stage startup or beginning to build traction, we have specialized courses that meet your needs.

Standardized Advisory Packages

Fundable Startups provides founder-level strategy and front-line tactics for startup companies.
With deep and broad technical and business skills, we provide one-stop advisory services coverage for a startup's key business functions. 

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Getting to MVP

Structured processes to build a prioritized product plan resulting in an actionable roadmap with clear time & costs. 

Modeling Your Startup Finances

Defensible, bottoms-up cash flow & financial projection resulting in strong credibility & confidence with investors. 

Building A Funding Strategy

Intelligent funding supported by defensible detail resulting in faster fundraising and optimal valuation / terms. 

Getting Founder Equity Right

Build founder consensus on a fair division of equity resulting in greater trust & less conflict among founders.

Building A Talent Strategy

A framework to identify, develop & retain talent resulting in building solid, strong teams to fuel growth. 

Tracking Investor & Customer Pipelines

Processes and tools to track & visualize pipelines resulting in faster, more predictable funding & sales. 

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