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How to Get to Minimum Viable Product


Many books, blogs, and videos describe the what and why of a startup’s minimum viable product (MVP), but not many discuss how. This class provides a cross-industry, actionable framework for founders to define and create an MVP that works across technical platforms.

~3 hours; ~140 slides



How to Get to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Every venture capitalist, board member and startup advisor counsels the entrepreneur to focus on building their minimum viable product (MVP). But how exactly does a company build out its MVP?

This training provides a structured approach to building your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), regardless of your specific industry or technical platform. It goes beyond simple sound bites to provide a framework that is easily applied to many different types of products.

It also provides a methodology full of best practices to plan and prioritize your features, resulting in a lean roadmap that minimizes MVP bloat. Paid students also receive several downloadable tools & resources to track, prioritize, and estimate the cost of individual product requirements as part of a visual product roadmap.

What You'll Learn

  MVP background & challenges?

  • What is an MVP?
  • Why start with an MVP?
  • MVP how-to questions
  • MVP as a process, not a destination

  MVP examples

  MVP planning

  • Elements of an MVP plan
  • MVP with customers, investors & employees
  • Product inflection points
  • Inflection points and funding strategies

  MVP framework

  • Earliest showable product
  • Earliest testable product
  • Earliest usable product
  • Earliest likable product
  • Earliest lovable product

  MVP scope

  • Product requirements
  • Prioritization
  • Business benefits
  • Technical complexity
  • Estimation

✔  MVP tactics 

  • Modern development processes (Agile/Scrum primer)
  • Keeping projects on track
  • Additional best practices (estimation accuracy, feature grading, MVP shortcuts) 

✔  MVP tools included with this class

  • Product feature prioritization & tracking
  • Product roadmap / Gantt chart

  Summary and next steps

Tools Included:

  • Product feature tracking and prioritization tool (Microsoft Excel)
  • High-level product roadmap / Gantt chart (Microsoft Excel)
  • Agile / Scrum burndown chart (Microsoft Excel)

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