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Group Coaching for Startups

Join us for an interactive group mentoring session from a seasoned Startup Coach.

Our group coaching sessions are led by startup CEO coach, author, and instructor Sam Wong. Sam is a 5x entrepreneur (1x CEO, 1x CTO, 3x Tech VP) with 3 successful exits. With strong technical and business skills, Sam applies analytical processes and best practices from his training content to address founder needs.

For just a few more weeks, these 1-hour sessions are available to the general public for a nominal cost of just $25 (which is a non-refundable charge to reduce no-shows), plus transaction fees. In Q4 2021, group coaching sessions will only be available to paid customers of Fundable Startups. These sessions will be recorded and may be shared for marketing and training purposes.

 These sessions are limited to no more than 4 startups.**

Dive into topics such as:

  1. Funding strategies and tactics.
  2. Pitch feedback & storytelling.
  3. Startup planning and formation.
  4. Founder matters and equity.
  5. Idea and model validation.
  6. Startup financial models.
  7. Startup execution.
  8. Startup marketing.
  9. Product development.
  10. Go-to-market fit.
  11. Sales and customer success.
  12. Startup talent & team building.

Paid members of Fundable Startups can find a promotional discount code inside their library under the 'Group Coaching' product.

** We kindly ask that you limit yourself to no more than 2-3 group coaching sessions per quarter to allow other startups to participate. Thank you!

Upcoming Sessions

Fri., Oct 29, 2021

9am-10am PT.


Fri., Nov 12, 2021

9am-10am PT.


Mon., Sept 27, 2021

12pm-1pm PT.

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