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How to Build Investor and Customer Traction


Learn how to manage an investor or customer pipeline. Then, deploy quick, easy, and cost-effective tools to track fundraising and sales.

Duration: ~1.5 hours



How to Build Investor & Customer Traction:

Every executive needs processes and tools to effectively manage the business. But startups often struggle with existing commercial CRM solutions due to:

  1. Pricey monthly/annual recurring subscription costs.
  2. Wasted time and effort spent customizing and configuring complex, cumbersome tools, which ultimately distracts founders from more important tasks.
  3. Failure to track the investor pipeline, resulting in no visibility on the progress or traction of one of the most important founder responsibilities: fundraising.

Startups without the funds or time to commit to costly SaaS platforms can adopt the ready-to-use processes and tools provided in this class for a low, one-time cost. Founders with basic spreadsheet skills can begin using these tools within five minutes and generate management insights and charts in less than an hour.

This class also includes training on how to identify and move leads from unqualified targets, to qualified opportunities, to signed contracts. By implementing structured pipeline processes, executives can leverage metrics to quantitatively and objectively manage traction with investors and customers. Until early-stage startups are ready to invest the time and money in a commercial platform, founders should use these simple color-by-numbers tools to quickly and cost-effectively manage fundraising and sales.

What You'll Learn

  Introduction and Overview

  Sales 101

  • Sales optimization processes

  • Sales qualification frameworks

  • Sales qualification best practices

  • Pipelines

  • Quantification

  • Management and accountability


  Investor pipeline

  • Pipeline structure

  • Sales funnel stages

  • Pipeline tracking tool

  • Management charts

✔  Customer pipeline

  • Pipeline structure

  • Sales funnel stages

  • Pipeline tracking tool

  • Management charts

Tools Included:

  • Investor pipeline tool (Microsoft Excel)
  • Customer pipeline tool (Microsoft Excel)

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