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Founders need broad, comprehensive knowledge of multiple topics. This offer includes lifetime access to all current and future courses from Fundable Startups.

Lifetime Access to All Courses

Founders need broad and deep training across numerous startup topics. A single, high-level class rarely provides sufficient knowledge for founders to make the best decisions in their startup journey. We are building courses covering multiple startup disciplines, including:

  • Startup planning and formation
  • Founder matters (including equity, culture and wellness)
  • Idea and model validation
  • Startup funding strategies and tactics
  • Startup finance
  • Startup execution (including talent, operations and metrics)
  • Startup marketing
  • Product (including product/market fit, MVP, pricing, etc.)
  • Go-to-market fit (including segmentation, channels, etc.)
  • Sales and customer success (including playbooks)

While we are still early in our content production schedule, we have an aggressive plan to release ten startup training courses by mid-2021, with four ready by the end of 2020. Purchasing each class individually will cost well over $3,200. However, we are offering deeply discounted, lifetime access to all current and future Fundable Startups training classes. Take advantage of early-adopter pricing, as the price of this all-access package will increase as additional courses are released.


The Course Release Schedule Currently Includes:

✔  How to Build a Funding Strategy

  • How inflection points drive strategic fundraising
  • Funding sources, vehicles, and targets

✔  Investor and Customer Traction*

  • The importance of measuring and reporting
  • Ready-to-use investor & customer tracking tools

  How to Crack the Code on Startup Talent*

  • Hiring, developing, recognizing, and retaining talent
  • Ready-to-use talent rubric & frameworks

✔  How to Get to Minimum Viable Product*

  • Industry-agnostic processes to build an MVP
  • Ready-to-use feature tracking, prioritization & roadmap tools

✔  How to Get Founder Equity Right**

  • Capitalization tables
  • How to split founder equity


* Currently scheduled for release in Q4 2020

✔  How to Set Product Pricing**

  • Value-based sales analysis and processes
  • Ready-to-use product pricing analysis tools

✔  How to Prepare for a Startup Term Sheet**

  • Common terms found on a term sheet
  • Maximizing founder leverage in term sheet negotiations

  How to Get Startup Due Diligence Right**

  • Common founder mistakes exposed in due diligence
  • Continuous readiness for due diligence

✔  How to Use Metrics to Drive Startup Traction**

  • How to use metrics to show and prove traction
  • Key metrics of common startup revenue models

✔  How to Model Startup Financials**

  • The importance of a defensible, bottoms-up financial model
  • Ready-to-use financial model with user-customizable "knobs"


** Currently scheduled for release in H1 2020

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