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How to Build a Funding Strategy

Learn how to create a bottoms-up funding strategy that levels the playing field against seasoned investors.

Reduces uncertainty and risk, accelerate fundraising, and dramatically increase founder payouts by 3x or more.

Includes Modules on:

✔  Funding approach:

  • Basic fundraising concepts
  • Convertible notes, SAFEs and preferred stock
  • How convertible instruments convert to stock
  • Examples of financial payouts upon an acquisition
  • Inflection points: product, sales & marketing, business development & intellectual property
  • Estimating inflection point time and cost
  • Basic concepts of building a financial model
  • How high-level inflectionpoints drive smart fundraising

✔  Funding sources

  • Non-professional sources (bootstrapping, friends & family, crowdfunding)
  • Semi-professional and professional sources (angels, VCs, etc.)

✔  Funding vehicles

  • Considerations of typical early-stage funding (convertible notes, SAFEs & preferred stock)
  • How post-money SAFEs increase founder dilution
  • Important compensating tasks when using convertible notes, pre-money SAFEs, and post-money SAFEs
  • Considerations of common stock fundraising (valuation, tax & ownership issues)
  • Comparing friends & family funding vehicles
  • Grants
  • Summary and comparison of funding with debt, equity and grants

✔  Funding targets

  • Investor alignment and potential value add
  • Evaluating investor fit & avoiding bad investors


✔  Downloadable worksheets:

  • Inflection point (Microsoft Word)
  • Inflection point (Microsoft Excel)
  • Investor fit (Microsoft Word)

✔  How to use the tools included with this class