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LIVE Webinar:
How to Build a Startup Funding Strategy

Triple your startup payout by raising funds strategically.

Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2021

9am-10am PT


Too many founders rush into fundraising without a clear strategy. Diving right into a pitch deck is alluring and fun, but failing to understand the right funding approach, sources, vehicles and targets leads to higher stress, increased risk, and -- most importantly -- greatly reduced founder payouts.

Learn the right way to fund your startup by first determining:

  • How much to raise
  • When to raise
  • From where to raise
  • What type of funds to raise
  • From whom to raise

Join Fundable Startups and Gordon Law Group to learn how to maximize valuations, improve fundraising terms, and minimize founder dilution by strategically identifying and leveraging your startup’s inflection points.

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About The Host

Sam is a Silicon Valley advisor and five-time startup executive, and the author of 21 Secrets of Successful Startups. As a serial entrepreneur, he has been CEO, CTO, or VP Engineering / TechOps for five companies, driving multiple acquisitions. Drawing from years of experience in technical and management consulting, he provides sound guidance in both strategic direction and actionable execution. In addition, having benefited from decades of wise counsel, he also provides personal growth and development advice.

If you currently lead, advise, or invest in a startup, 21 Secrets of Successful Startups provides key tools to build the foundation needed to support both your company and your quality of life.

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