Startup Coaching

For discerning founders who seek more personalized help and want to reach their goals faster.

We differentiate our coaching through:

Better People

Learn from an author and a veteran of 5 startups with 3 successful exits, who can address both technical & business issues.

Better Processes

Guided by our Startup Execution Roadmap & Blueprint, we go deep with proven methods and frameworks - not random soundbites.

Better Tools

Advice helps you with what. Tools help you with how. Our color-by-numbers templates help you quickly implement best practices.

“Practice doesn't make perfect.
Perfect practice makes perfect.”

– Vince Lombardi, winner of 5 NFL championships as Head Coach, Green Bay Packers

Meet Sam Wong

A five-time startup executive (1x CEO, 1x CTO, 3x Tech VP) with three successful exits.

Sam has led multiple business and technical functions, crafting both strategic direction and tactical implementation — which makes him well-qualified to address the many-faceted needs of a startup. Sam strives to build clear, detailed, actionable content, which is why our training is very visual and includes ready-to-use tools.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Sam has 30+ years of experience, enjoys great feedback as a well-spoken coach, and is a popular event speaker in the startup industry. Sam is a published author and has a book on startup execution with a second in progress.

Testimonials From Our Clients and Partners

Group Coaching

Any number of entrepreneurs can sign up to Observe, but no more than four founders can Participate in these 1-hour sessions. Customers who have purchased one of our training offers can Participate in our group coaching at a discounted cost.

Our training customers can Participate in group coaching for a nominal cost of $20+fees (which is a non-refundable charge to reduce no-shows). Non-customers can Participate for $95+fees. Many founders get more than 1-hour of benefit as Sam usually spends time preparing for each coaching session and doing short follow-up tasks afterwards.

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“Coaching isn’t therapy.
It’s product development, with you as the product.”

– Fast Company

Individual Coaching

Our 1-on-1 coaching helps founders apply concepts and best practices from our training to build their pathway to fundability. We start new clients with an assessment, then collaboratively plan surgical projects that align with our Startup Roadmap and Blueprint to build and optimize key startup success factors. Sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes with 15 minutes allocated to offline preparation and follow up tasks.

Bundled Training & Coaching

Our Premium training package includes six 1-on-1 coaching sessions to learn how to apply concepts & best practices to your startup.

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À la Carte Coaching

Individual coaching in easy-to-transact blocks of time:

  • Basic: 2 hrs (click here to purchase)
  • Starter: 4 hrs (click here to purchase)
  • Pro: 10 hrs (click here to purchase)

Outcome-Focused Solutions

Where appropriate, we offer tactical projects to drive towards a specific deliverable. Objectives may include: Pitch refinement, Inflection points, Funding strategy, Sales pipeline, and more.


We offer custom-tailored coaching for startups that demonstrate compelling value and traction. For well-qualified startups, payment for custom-tailored coaching may include startup equity.