You want to build a startup.

You need to raise funds.

Our training shows you how without breaking the bank.

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Hundreds of tested strategies, tactics and tools to help you build confidently, avoid mistakes and raise funds.

Building a startup is hard.

(We know. We’ve done it 5 times.)

Our first two startups failed ‚Äď even though both were viable. Thankfully, our last three startups were all acquired, totalling over $245M!

Meet Your Instructor

Sam Wong is a five-time startup executive with three exits. 

He wrote a book on startup execution, advises at accelerators, and is a popular speaker, with appearances at TechCrunch Disrupt & The Lean Startup Conference. With over 30 years of experience, Sam is highly qualified to address the many-faceted needs of a startup. 

Most founders want to jump straight into raising money before they have even built a fundable business. At Fundable Startups, we help founders build and execute a bottoms-up funding strategy, scale, then exit, joining the 3%-5% of startups that truly succeed.

Smart founders know to focus on fundability before fundraising.

Great startups don't just happen. They're built one step at a time.

We've compiled the data and studied the patterns that result in a successful startup, and created a repeatable, 5-step process to help you raise funds the right way:


for fundraising & due diligence.


your funding strategy.


your strategy & build a fundable company.


your traction with a killer pitch deck.


prospective investors with reasonable terms.

Two self-paced training packages

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Key concepts in premium training, funding strategy, inflection points, product market fit, agile development, MVP, funnels, metrics, pitch slides, investors

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Over 10,000 people have attended one (or more!) of our startup training classes. 

Here's what they have to say: 

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Here are some of our most popular classes:

In this foundational 4-hour course, you'll learn how to build a bottoms-up funding strategy that can reduce uncertainty and risk, accelerate fundraising, and dramatically increase founder payouts by 3x or more.

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Most startup pitches fail. Increase your chances drastically by mastering the art of telling great stories with your pitch deck in order to captivate your audience, validate the startup, and motivate investors to invest.

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Learn proven, structured sales processes to effectively drive investor fundraising and customer revenue. Includes ready-to-use tools to quickly, easily, and affordably track and manage fundraising and sales.

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Startup pundits tell entrepreneurs to focus on building their MVP, but fail to discuss how to get there. Learn how the right framework guides your product development from idea to working MVP and beyond.

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Most startup financial models are inaccurate, unachievable, and lack actionable detail. Learn how to create a defensible model that instills confidence, improves execution, and leads to fundability.

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Initial funds often come from founders, friends, and family. Mishandling the fundraise from amateur investors can result in future funding, tax, and relationship problems. Learn how to raise early stage funds the right way.

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Startups run on game-changing talent, but it takes time and resources to develop an infrastructure that can consistently attract top talent. Learn a proven framework for recruiting and retaining top talent to grow your startup.

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Setting the right founder base and proper company formation are critical to a startup's future. We'll guide you through key steps to building the right infrastructure for your equity, legal, financial, and talent operations.

Learning to validate your ideas is a crucial, but often missed step in the startup process. Validating your idea is knowing not only does your idea work, but that people want it.

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Plus additional courses scheduled for release in 2024, including...

Startup Pitch Decks: De-Risking; Finding and Pitching VCs & Angel Investors; Startup Advisor Best Practices, and more!

As a first time CEO with Startup #4 ...

I made many mistakes. The startup almost went bankrupt multiple times.

Several people offered high-level suggestions, but none of that helped because the problems we faced were complex. Candy bar soundbites from the ‚Äúadvisor vending machine‚ÄĚ do not solve hard problems.

Looking back, I wish I had access to a program that didn’t just tell me what to do, but showed me how to do it. Not high level concepts, but an actionable, step-by-step process to build my business right.

This is why, after selling startups #4 and #5, I decided to create this training. I could have avoided a ton of pain and built much more successful startups, but now, my hindsight can be your 20/20 foresight. 

Our coaching and training have helped founders avoid 6-figure mistakes and raise 7-figures in funds. While startup coaching is a more significant investment, our self-paced training provides the same level of detail and exact steps we teach our private clients at a fraction of the cost.

If a $1000 investment could give you a 100x, 500x or 1000x ROI, how long would you wait to get started? It's time to stop wandering around and take the proven path to success with Fundable Startups. 

Build the knowledge and skill to optimize fundraising and increase founder payouts

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Build Right
  • 16+ hours of core training on:¬†Funding Strategy, Founder Sales Skills, Minimum Viable Product, Startup Financials
  • Lean Startup Idea Validation
  • Startup Pitch Decks: Storytelling
  • Friends & Family Fundraising¬†
  • More core classes on tax, Slicing Pie, etc.
  • Core Color-by-Numbers Tools
  • Access to our community w/100s of founders
  • Access to all current & future PRO classes
  • Option to add 2¬†coaching sessions (16% discount)



Fundraise Intelligently
  • 35+ hours of advanced training¬†on:¬†Funding Strategy, Selling & Fundraising, MVP, Financial Modeling, Validation Surveys
  • Cracking the Code on Startup Talent
  • Startup Pitch Decks:¬†De-Risking (coming soon)
  • Finding & Pitching Investors (coming soon)
  • Advanced classes on SAFEs, term sheets, etc.
  • Advanced Color-by-Numbers Tools
  • Access to our community w/100s of founders¬†
  • Access to all current & future PREMIUM classes
  • Option to add 6 coaching sessions (26% discount!)

"Hard to understand concepts are broken down into layman’s terms so that even first time founders (like me) can understand it. I’ve been searching for an entrepreneur’s road map but haven’t found one anywhere online … until now."

Lisa Clifford
CEO, Autistalline

"Great Insights from a ‚Äúbeen there, done that‚ÄĚ founder turned advisor.¬† Sam has some really great frameworks for logically derisking your business in the most effective order."

Eric Espinosa
CEO, Venture Validator

"Full of practical guidance with tons of specific examples that are easy to understand and apply. Detailed coverage of important topics such as MVP, valuation, exit strategies, and balancing family and friends in the midst of heavy startup stress."

Kevin Hardin
Owner, MakingProto

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Book a meeting with our team to discuss your goals and understand how our solutions can help you become fundable, raise funds, scale, and exit.

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If you are not 100% satisfied, email us at [email protected] within 30 days and we will refund your payment. You must be 100% satisfied with this this academy or your money back! You can check the non-hassle refund policy right here.

Don't Ignore the Savings in Legal Fees!

Several of our training classes cover key concepts that founders usually learn in billable meetings with their startup attorney. Learning these concepts in advance can reduce founder legal bills, focusing budgets on higher-value legal matters.

Plus, with senior partner billing rates, saving just 1 hour in legal fees can pay for the entire Premium training!

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DISCLAIMER: Startups are hard. They require a ton of skill, expertise, and commitment. We don‚Äôt believe in quick hacks or simple tips and tricks that purport to bring success. There is no ‚Äúget rich quick‚ÄĚ method to building a company. Even with great training and tools, most startups still run a very high risk of failure. Many startup variables such as the team, timing, idea, business model, funding, and your ability to work hard and persevere can have a dramatic impact on your success.

Fundable Startups is designed to provide support and guidance to help entrepreneurs move forward faster and better. But we cannot and do not guarantee any specific outcome from our ideas, information, training, or tools. We worked very hard to execute well and achieve our results in our previous startups and cannot guarantee similar results, as there are many factors beyond our control. Examples and scenarios are illustrative only, or represent past results that have no bearing or promise on future performance.

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In summary, startups are very demanding and risky ventures. Most will fail. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to, the environment, your background, experience and work ethic. If these terms are not acceptable, please do not use or purchase our services or products.

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