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Detailed Two-Year Startup Budget

Startups need detailed budget projections that are broken down: by month (not by quarters), by business functions, and by headcount. Expenses must also align with expected revenue. But building a defensible bottoms-up budget takes a lot of time. Simplify this task with this spreadsheet template.

Simple Equity Dilution Model

Very few first-time founders understand the typical dilution events a startup will encounter. Even after educating yourself by reading dozens of web articles, clarity on projected dilution remains elusive. Visualize and model your own dilution scenarios with this easy-to-use, customizable spreadsheet

Liquidation Preference Proceeds Model

Founders all work to secure a term sheet — a major funding milestone for all startups. But term sheets come loaded with unfamiliar legal language, such as liquidation preference, which can dramatically impact who gets paid. Armed with this spreadsheet, founders can see how liquidation preference affects payouts in various exit scenarios.

Accredited Investor Self-Certification

Founders should only raise funds from accredited investors. When raising funds from informal sources, this sample accredited investor self-certification form can help provide documentation to avoid potential problems. Consult qualified legal counsel before committing to a course of action.


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