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Visualize your journey from startup formation to exit with the Startup Execution Roadmap.

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This value-packed resource delivers both a high-level map for Founders, and a low-level blueprint for Builders, with actionable steps to help you plan & scale strategically.


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7 Keys to Build a Fundable Startup

Too many founders are focused on their great big startup idea, but miss the mark when it comes to startup execution. When 95% of startups fail, knowing how to build and execute correctly at each stage is what matters in bringing your startup success and larger payouts.

In this Masterclass, Sam unlocks the strategic '7 Keys' every founder should be focused on to maximize their startup value and avoid costly mistakes. You'll learn how to build a fundable startup, maximize your leverage when dealing with investors, how to use metrics to manage traction and more!


Founder's Guide to SAFE Startup Fundraising

The Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) is a popular fundraising vehicle. However, most founders and many attorneys lack the detailed understanding to make the best decisions when raising startup funds using a SAFE. Glossing over critical SAFE details may result in high dilution, loss of control, and reduced employee payouts.

This masterclass covers critical SAFE details including:

  • How SAFEs Fit Into a Funding Strategy
  • The rationale for and types of SAFEs
  • Problems with Pre-Money & Post-Money SAFEs
  • Making SAFEs simple and safe

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Smart founders build a bottoms-up funding strategy that levels the playing field against seasoned investors. Learn how a funding strategy reduces uncertainty and risk, accelerates fundraising, and dramatically increases founder payouts by 3x or more.

Duration: 45 minutes. (Full class: 4 hours)

Startup pundits tell entrepreneurs to focus on building their minimum viable product. This guidance correctly tells founders what to do, but lacks details about how to do it. Learn how the right framework guides your product development from idea to working MVP and beyond.

Duration: ~1 hour (Full class: 3 hours)


Download Color-By-Numbers Tools for Founders

Tools to help you create actionable strategies.

Detailed Two-Year Startup Budget

Startups need detailed budget projections that are broken down: by month (not by quarters), by business functions, and by headcount. Expenses must also align with expected revenue. But building a defensible bottoms-up budget takes a lot of time. Simplify this task with this spreadsheet template.

Simple Equity Dilution Model

Very few first-time founders understand the typical dilution events a startup will encounter. Even after educating yourself by reading dozens of web articles, clarity on projected dilution remains elusive. Visualize and model your own dilution scenarios with this easy-to-use, customizable spreadsheet

Liquidation Preference Proceeds Model

Founders all work to secure a term sheet — a major funding milestone for all startups. But term sheets come loaded with unfamiliar legal language, such as liquidation preference, which can dramatically impact who gets paid. Armed with this spreadsheet, founders can see how liquidation preference affects payouts in various exit scenarios.

Accredited Investor Self-Certification

Founders should only raise funds from accredited investors. When raising funds from informal sources, this sample accredited investor self-certification form can help provide documentation to avoid potential problems. Consult qualified legal counsel before committing to a course of action.


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