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See our first course: How to Build a Funding Strategy That
Maximizes Startup Value.

In this free mini-course, you'll learn the basics of fundraising, how to strategize your approach, and where to avoid costly mistakes. 


Build the right founder equity and startup structure.


Create healthy companies with higher valuations and better funding terms.


Drive sustainable growth through exceptional cross-functional execution.


95% of startups fail or dramatically miss expectations.
Great execution improves the likelihood of your success.


Strategic + Tactical

Building a healthy, fundable startup requires founders to cover both strategic and tactical roles. Many focus only on strategy and don't get involved in the tactical details. Others dive into tactics and ignore the strategy. In reality, both strategy and tactics are important. Fundable Startups has many years of experience with C-level strategic roles, while also being willing and able to roll up the sleeves and design a database, write contracts, refine the application architecture, or set up the GAAP-compliant accounting system.

Business + Technical

Successful startups rely on game changers to quickly produce large volumes of high-quality output. Every player with both business and technical skills is more effective. Sales accelerate because the sales people are more credible. Product managers instinctively know the value and cost of feature requests. Programmers reduce rework. With strong engineering roots and decades of business seasoning, Fundable Startups can quickly produce a consistent flow of quality work that accelerates startup traction.

Tools + Frameworks

Fundable Startups has harvested decades of business and technical expertise to create a library of reusable tools and frameworks that accelerates business traction. Instead of reinventing the wheel each time, we can often leverage a pre-built, color-by-numbers template to quickly create startup processes and infrastructure. Many of these tools and frameworks are included in our training classes, resulting in more effective learning with actionable value.



"Startups are complex and great execution is NOT AUTOMATIC."


If you currently lead, advise, or invest in a startup, 21 Secrets of Successful Startups provides key tools to build the foundation needed to support both your company and your quality of life.

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