Deep Dive Training for Founders

Our premium training classes include highly visual, structured curriculum with color-by-numbers tools to help you take real action. 

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How to Build a Funding Strategy


Smart founders build a bottoms-up funding strategy that levels the playing field against seasoned investors. Learn how a funding strategy reduces uncertainty and risk, accelerates fundraising, and dramatically increases founder payouts by 3x or more.

How to Sell & Fundraise Effectively


Learn proven, structured sales processes to effectively drive investor fundraising and customer revenue. Includes ready-to-use tools to quickly, easily, and affordably track and manage fundraising and sales.

How to Get to MVP


Startup pundits tell entrepreneurs to focus on building their minimum viable product. This guidance correctly tells founders what to do, but lacks details about how to do it. Learn how the right framework guides your product development from idea to working MVP and beyond.

How To Crack the Code on Startup Talent


Talented employees fuel the success of every startup. But most startups struggle to attract top talent. Learn how to create a talent strategy that elevates your startup above other more established and better funded companies.

How to Model Startup Financials


Most startup financial models are inaccurate, unachievable, and lack actionable detail. Learn how to create a defensible model that instills confidence, improves execution, and leads to fundability.