How to Get to Minimum Viable Product

Many books, blogs, and videos describe the what and why of a startup’s minimum viable product (MVP), but not many discuss how. This class provides a cross-industry, actionable framework for founders to define and create an MVP that works across technical platforms.

Approx. 3 hours


How to Get to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Every venture capitalist, board member and startup advisor counsels the entrepreneur to focus on building their minimum viable product (MVP). But how exactly does a company build out its MVP?

This training provides a structured approach to building your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), regardless of your specific industry or technical platform. It goes beyond simple sound bites to provide a framework that is easily applied to many different types of products.

It also provides a methodology full of best practices to plan and prioritize your features, resulting in a lean roadmap that minimizes MVP bloat. Paid students also receive several downloadable tools & resources to track, prioritize, and estimate the cost of individual product requirements as part of a visual product roadmap.


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Course Topics Covered in Each Package


1 Hour
Everything in Starter, plus:


MVP Examples

  • MVP types: mockups, videos, etc.
  • Examples from Airbnb, Stripe, etc.

MVP Planning

  • The importance of planning
  • How MVP affects inflection points & funding

MVP Features & Bloat

  • Feature prioritization to avoid bloat
  • Tracking user stories

Modern Product Development

  • Waterfall vs. Agile
  • Scrum concepts and sprints
  • Scrum roles, artifacts, & ceremonies


2.25 Hours
Everything in Pro, plus:


MVP Tactics

  • Process and control
  • Burndown tracking
  • Increasing accuracy of estimations
  • Business benefit rubric
  • Grading technical complexity
  • Bottoms-up engineering estimates

MVP Tools

  • Product requirements spreadsheet
  • Product roadmap & Gantt chart
  • Burndown chart

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Lifetime Access

Affordable content to
Launch your Startup
  • 16 hours of Startup Training
  • Focused on core fundamentals:
    Funding Strategy Intro; Getting to MVP Intro; Idea Validation Intro; Fundraising from Founders, Friends & Family; Startup Equity; Startup Tax Mistakes; Pitch Deck Storytelling
  • Exclusive bonus content & access to all future classes
  • 1 Group Coaching session per quarter*
  • Starter & Intermediate Tools
  • Optional: 2 Individual Coaching Sessions*



Lifetime Access

High-value content
for Intelligent Fundraising
  • 40 hours of Startup Training
  • Focused on advanced topics:
    Adv. Funding Strategy; Adv. MVP; Adv. Idea Validation; How to Sell & Fundraise; How to Model Startup Financials; Crowdfunding; Talent Strategy; Pitch Deck De-Risking
  • Exclusive bonus content & access to all future classes
  • 2 Group Coaching sessions per quarter*
  • All Pro & Advanced Tools
  • Optional: 6 Individual Coaching Sessions*

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