Startup Pitch Deck Storytelling

Most startup pitches fail. Besides entrepreneurs who prematurely pitch an unfundable startup, a key reason for the high failure rate are founders who never learned the art of storytelling.

2 hours, 190 slides

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Startup Pitch Decks - It's NOT About the Slides:

Most startup pitch guides focus on the 10 or 12 "Key Slides You Need to Raise Investor Funds." One resource touts "The 10 Best Pitch Deck Templates to Get Your Startup Funded," as if populating a slide template results in funds magically appearing. But pitch decks do not raise funds, great companies do.

Because of the misguided focus on pitch deck slides, most investor pitches fail miserably. Premature fundraising wastes time and effort. Smart founders know to build a fundable company first.

Only after you've reached a fundable milestone does it make sense to raise funds. And once you have a great story, founders must learn the art and science behind great storytelling in order to captivate the audience, validate the startup, and motivate investors to invest.

This first of two classes on startup pitch decks covers:

  • Ineffective fundraising
  • The keys to every investor pitch: storytelling and de-risking
  • Aligning your pitch with the five-step investor pitch lifecycle
  • Selling to investor needs
  • The art of designing, building, and telling captivating stories
  • Clear, concise, and comprehensive copywriting

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Topics Covered

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Why Pitches Fail & How to Fix Them

  • Components of a great startup pitch deck
  • It's not about the slides
  • Good and bad stories
  • Storytelling and de-risking

The Investor Pitch Lifecycle

  • Inform, Summarize, Justify, Verify, & Fund
  • Pitch deck variants: email, event, meeting

Fundraising is Sales

  • Founder sales skills
  • Product sales vs. fundraising
  • Methodical sales processes


  • Learning from film school
  • The three-act structure
  • Storytelling practicals
  • Dissecting a great story

Effective Written Communication

  • The right words tell the right story
  • Writing concise, comprehensive copy
  • Examples of rewriting copy

Summary and Our Pitch Services

  • Telling great stories after a fundable milestone
  • Getting expert pitch help

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