How to Validate Startup Ideas


Inexperienced founders spend countless hours and dollars blindly experimenting with their product features, pricing, and marketing strategy. In this course, you’ll learn how skilled founders conduct interviews, develop surveys, and gather data that eliminates guesswork and empowers strong business decisions.

Approx. 3 hours


Startup Idea Validation Course

Eric Ries' seminal book The Lean Startup emphasizes the importance of validating your idea. Research from The Startup Genome Report confirms this fact.

Without understanding your customers’ needs, you’ll likely build the wrong product features, sell your goods at the wrong price and market your company with the wrong message. Your business decisions don’t need to rely on a wing and a prayer. After going through this game changing course on customer research, you’ll have a huge edge on the business owners who continue to build blindly every day.

Learn our tactics so that you can scientifically validate your product BEFORE you build. In this course, you'll learn how to perform an inexpensive test that tells you:

  • Who your ideal customer segment is
  • What value propositions to market to them
  • What objections they have
  • What price to set
  • How to calculate a product/market fit score


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1 hour
Core Topics, including:

Product/Market Fit Interviews

  • How to test Product/Market Fit
  • Interviewing structures
  • How to write a product description
  • How to find and analyze interview respondents
  • How to calculate Product/Market Fit scores



3 hours
Everything in Pro, plus:

Product/Market Fit Surveys

  • How to set up surveys
  • How to find survey respondents
  • How many people to survey
  • How to clean survey data
  • How to use qualitative feedback
  • How to conduct a price analysis

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  • 16 hours of Startup Training
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    Funding Strategy Intro; Getting to MVP Intro; Idea Validation Intro; Fundraising from Founders, Friends & Family; Startup Equity; Startup Tax Mistakes; Pitch Deck Storytelling
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  • 40 hours of Startup Training
  • Focused on advanced topics:
    Adv. Funding Strategy; Adv. MVP; Adv. Idea Validation; How to Sell & Fundraise; How to Model Startup Financials; Crowdfunding; Talent Strategy; Pitch Deck De-Risking
  • Exclusive bonus content & access to all future classes
  • 2 Group Coaching sessions per quarter*
  • All Pro & Advanced Tools
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