How to Build a Funding Strategy That Maximizes Startup Value

Smart founders build a bottoms-up funding strategy that levels the playing field with seasoned investors. Learn how a funding strategy reduces uncertainty and risk, accelerates fundraising, and dramatically increases founder payouts by 3x or more.

Approx. 4 hours, 140 slides

Building A Funding Strategy:

Too many founders rush into investor pitches without a clear strategy, making irreversible valuation, tax and fundraising mistakes. Diving right into a pitch deck is alluring and fun, but failing to understand the right funding approach, sources, vehicles and targets leads to higher stress, increased risk, and -- most importantly -- greatly reduced founder payouts. 

Discover the right way to fund your startup by first determining how much to raise, when to raise, from where, what type of funds, and from whom. We'll cover how to maximize valuations, improve fundraising terms, and minimize founder dilution by strategically identifying and leveraging your startup’s inflection points. You will also learn nuances of convertible notes, SAFEs, preferred stock sales and how they affect founder ownership.


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Course Topics Covered in Each Package


1.75 hours
Everything in Starter, plus:

Funding Approach

  • Inflection points: product, sales & marketing, business development & intellectual property
  • Inflection point time and cost
  • Bottoms-up estimates feed the financial model
  • Illustrating inflection points

Funding Vehicles

  • Valuation & stakeholder ownership
  • Common & preferred stock
  • Convertible notes and SAFEs
  • How convertible instruments convert to stock


  • Inflection point worksheet


4 hours
Everything in Pro, plus:

Funding Approach

  • Bottoms-up financial modeling
  • How high-level inflection points drive smart fundraising

Funding Sources

  • Non-professional sources
  • Pro/semi-pro sources: angels, VCs, ...

Funding Vehicles

  • Pre-money vs. post-money SAFEs
  • Common stock fundraising
  • Friends and family vehicles
  • Grants

Funding Targets

  • Investor alignment & value add
  • Evaluating investor fit


  • Inflection point Gantt chart
  • Investor fit worksheet

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  • 16 hours of Startup Training
  • Focused on core fundamentals:
    Funding Strategy Intro; Getting to MVP Intro; Idea Validation Intro; Fundraising from Founders, Friends & Family; Startup Equity; Startup Tax Mistakes; Pitch Deck Storytelling
  • Exclusive bonus content & access to all future classes
  • 1 Group Coaching session per quarter*
  • Starter & Intermediate Tools
  • Optional: 2 Individual Coaching Sessions*



Lifetime Access

High-value content
for Intelligent Fundraising
  • 40 hours of Startup Training
  • Focused on advanced topics:
    Adv. Funding Strategy; Adv. MVP; Adv. Idea Validation; How to Sell & Fundraise; How to Model Startup Financials; Crowdfunding; Talent Strategy; Pitch Deck De-Risking
  • Exclusive bonus content & access to all future classes
  • 2 Group Coaching sessions per quarter*
  • All Pro & Advanced Tools
  • Optional: 6 Individual Coaching Sessions*

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